Kathleen Weidman

Obituary of Kathleen A Weidman

Kathleen Weidman, age 55, died on January 25, 2024. Kathleen was a survior of breast cancer, but surcomed to her fight with the flu. Kathleen is survived by her father Eugene F. Weidman, her sons and daughter, Ernest M. Weidman, Robert T Weidman and his wife Melissa Weidman, Nicholas Patronick and Hailee Patronick. She is also survived by her fiance, Robert Mather, as well as her sisters, Teresa M. Weidman and her fiance James Hernandez, Kasi Bernard, Maryellen Knockwood, and her brother, Patrick Weidman and his wife Marta Weidman, and kids, Gerado and Stephen Rodriguez, Joseph J. Weidman, Robert Weidman, and Charles Weidman. Kathleen was predeceased by her mother, Sandra L. Weidman, sister of Michelle L. Weidman and Eugene M. Weidman. She is also a grandmother, aunt, daughter-in-law to Deborah F. Skillin and best friend to Cythnia M. Skilllin, Kayt Fiorentino and many more. 

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