Jerome Regnier

Obituary of Jerome Regnier

Jerome Regnier died Sunday, September 13, at the age of eighty-eight, of natural causes. He was born in Listrac, France, on September 5 1927 and lived in Verriere-le-Buisson, six miles south of Paris most of his young life and during the German Occupation of France, where his family was active in the Resistance movement. He graduated from the Ecole Nationale de Geology at Nancy and earned a Fulbright Scholarship to study in the United States, where he obtained a Master’s Degree from the Montana School of Mines. He also met Nita, whom he liked well enough to advise her to stay with his family while she studied at the Sorbonne. Upon his return to France he completed his year of military service and accepted a job as exploration geologist with the French and American Atomic Energy Commission in Morocco, where he and Nita were married in 1953. In 1954 they returned to the United States where Emilie was born and where he studied for his doctorate in geology. That accomplished, he worked for Socony Mobil as an exploration geologist in Venezuela, accompanied by Nita and three daughters, Emilie Julie, and Henny. Upon his return to the United States he turned to teaching and was a professor at Rollins, Bryn Mawr, where Felicie and Melanie were born, Wellesley, and Vassar Colleges. As time passed they bought two small islands in Lake Temagami, Canada, on which they built their family cabins. Jerome also established a retreat in Hadley, Massachusetts, where he designed and built a Japanese house, wove large tapestries which have been shown in a number of galleries and in the Boston Public Library. In his eighty-eight years he managed to build a family catamaran, kayaks for his children and grandchildren, and to explore distant quarters of the world. Through his many talents and interests he has left Nita and his girls a wealth of riches. Jerome is survived by his wife Nita, daughters Emilie, Julie, Henny, Felicie, and Melanie; grandchildren Cole, Renata, Ruby, Aidan, Corrina, Nate, Ben, Helen, Lilli, and Addie.
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